(Please Include Total Square Footage that will be photographed including, basements, apartments, attics, and sun rooms) 


Under 1500 SqFt       $129.00 

1500-2000 SqFt.       $159.00

2000-3000 SqFt        $199.00

3000-4000 SqFt.       $259.00

4000-5000 SqFt.       $299.00

5000-6000 Sqft.        $359.00

6000-7000 Sqft.        $425.00


Additional 3 Images    $25.00

Additional 5 Images    $35.00 

Reshoot 5 Images.      $65.00

Reshoot 10 Images.    $100.00

Use Of Stock Photos    $25.00 (this is community shots only) 

Toll                             $8.00

Mileage over 25 miles from address below                      

$20.00 (26-30 miles)

$35.00 (31-40 miles)

$50.00 (41-50 miles)

Please inquire for mileage beyond 50.       

 use to check mileage 


Please add Mileage for anything over 25 miles from 510 Middletown Odessa Rd, Middletown, DE. 

Please inquire with Rich for services into Havre De Grace, North Wilmington, PA. and beyond Dover. 


There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. With a 24 hour notice you will receive a full refund. If you give less than 24 Hour notice you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.  The property on the day of the scheduled appointment must be will be charged $50. You must provide the full property address...if it's incorrect and we can't get ahold of you you will be charged $50. We are on a tight schedule and have other appointments that we have to get to.  If for some reason the house is not ready on the scheduled date and time of the scheduled appointment and we can not take pictures for any reason $50 charge. 



It is not our fault if your clients are not ready. We send two reminders to make sure you have plenty of time to verify with the client that they will be ready, if its questionable you're best to reschedule.