Lori Downs Photography | Questions & Answers



 How Do I Confirm My Appointment?

By booking session online

How Soon Will I get My Images?

Your images are usually always available the same day. 

How do I get My Images?

You will be sent a password and instructions to download your images right from my website.

How Do I Download My Images?

You will go to my website www.loridownsphotography.com. From the main page you will click on Client Access. From there you will type the password I sent you. Once your images open you will look to the top right and Click on Select Images/ Then look to the Top Left and Click on ALL/ Now look back to the Top Right and Click on DOWNLOAD.

How Long will I be in the home taking Pictures

It takes any where from 30 min to 1 1/2 hrs depending on the size of the house and what I have to do to prep the home. 

Please advise your clients what to expect that they should prepare their home in the best possible condition. That means Clean like you never cleaned before and clear out all unnecessary clutter. 

What should I do to Prepare My Home?

First Impressions are everything you hired me to help you put the best images together for you and your client. Images are Usually the first thing a buyer sees so you should put your best out there.  Here are a few things that I have noticed from being in many homes. Mirrors should be clean/ floors moped/  clean baseboards/ clean bathtubs/ sinks/ Clear out Clutter/ Floors should be clear of clutter/ Wipe down appliances/  Remove counter top appliances... like can openers, toasters, crockpots...etc. TAKE ALL things off Refrigerator.  Make sure there is not boxes or other items piled on the floors. Clothing should not be laying around. Any toothbrushes or personal hygiene items on bathroom counters should be put away. Please let your clients know that I will move things in order to provide them with best images possible.