Lori Downs Photography | Cancellation Policy And Booking Policy

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you give less than 24 Hour notice you will lose your payment and it becomes non-refundable. If you give 24 hour notice the payment will be applied to a future booking but not exceeding 6 months. The property on the day of scheduled appointment must be accessible..if it's not you will lose your payment and it becomes non-refundable. You must provide the full property address...if it's incorrect you will lose your payment. We are on a tight schedule and have other appointments that we have to get to.  If for some reason the house is not ready on the scheduled date and time of the scheduled appointment and we can not take pictures for any reason the payment becomes non-refundable. 


The Address MUST be put in at time of scheduling or appointment will be cancelled.


I will do small staging to provide you with the best images, however I will not move heavy furniture nor will I be picking up every room. The house should be ready the day of pictures. The House should be clean and clear of clutter,  and all extra appliances removed from counter tops and magnets and art work off of the fridge. All personal products off the counter tops in bathrooms and any children toys should be in a play room or childs bedroom not in living room, family room or office area...etc